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In my life, I have had the good fortune of experiencing living in different countries and meeting a diversity of individuals and their challenges. Compassionate support was the key to walking that path and encountering the unknown. Now, in my practice as a psychotherapist, I can walk with others, providing compassion and a deep understanding of their personal route’s challenges.
White Rocks
In therapy, I will assist you in developing awareness of the unique way you respond, in thought and feeling, both to yourself and others. We also explore how you, in turn, are impacting the world in which you live and those with whom you interact, both practically and symbolically. You are likely to discover both what you value and what you’d like to change. I will be like a mirror where you can see yourself, gain deeper consciousness of who you are, and make better and healthier choices with that awareness. Together, we can walk the unknown path in a safe and well-supported way.
I am bilingual and compassionate, body-oriented in my approach as a Gestalt psychotherapist, and passionate about supporting others who hope to make meaningful changes in their life.
My body-oriented approach means that in my practice, I aim to treat the effects of previous traumas and difficulties clients have experienced through exploration of the mind-body connection. My thoughts and inquiries may often have a body-centric approach to them. The aim is to bring awareness to how the body has held tension, stressors, and trauma. Depending on your comfort level, we might explore creative visualization, breathwork, grounding and sensation-awareness techniques, and movement in sessions.
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